What is Long Form Content and how can it help your escort website?

To begin with, long form content, regardless of how it’s published is usually between 1200-2000 words in length.  It’s one of the most influential textual contributions you can make to your website for a number of reasons…

Not everyone is able to produce this sort of content and make it work for them, but if you are able to do it properly or get someone to produce your content for you, here’s a list of how it can help your website.

  • Perfect way to present in depth information. If you present it well (see below), publishing long form content on your website will enable you to communicate more information to your readers in one go.
  • Keep visitors on your site. If there’s more to read then it goes without saying that your reader will stay on the site longer, thus improving the possibility of them interacting with your page.  This does however depend on how interesting the content is of course!  More information about this below.
  • Internal links. You’ll be able to get more internal links into long form content, and of greater variety.  Rather than a simple link as a call to action at the bottom of a short blog article, publishing long form content gives you the opportunity to link to multiple pages on your site to increase the probability something gets clicked.

Things to remember when publishing long form content

  • Don’t stretch your content. It’s important to remember that what you’re writing about might not actually require long form content.  If you can get away with writing what you want to say in a short blog article, do it.  You won’t get any prizes for writing a novel about something you could explain in a couple of paragraphs!
  • Presentation. It’s easy to simply write a long piece of text, but if it isn’t presented properly you can lose the attention of your reader.  Separating content with subheadings and bullet points as we have done on this page, makes the content easier to digest.  It also enables the user to scan the text for the information they need, thus improving their user experience.
  • Quality. At the end of the day, quality counts when it comes to publishing long form content, or indeed any content.  Make sure it’s useful or entertaining and provides some form of purpose to the reader.

Specifically useful long form content for escort websites

  • Stories – These will give you the opportunity to not only entertain your readers, but you can also insert a number of internal links to a variety of different places on your website. Perhaps you could mention some of the girls’ names in your stories?
  • Articles – Your choice of articles is important. Remember that your visitors are there to look for escorts, so information about restaurants and hotels are a good choice.
  • Interviews – Interviews with girls or people in the escorting industry in another capacity is always interesting content and you may well get it shared over forums and discussion boards that pertain to your industry.

We really hope this helps.  Keep in touch with the RankBaby Business Clubfor more tips on how to optimise your website’s performance.


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