Keeping your escort site secure

With all the competition in the escort industry these days, you simply can’t afford to be offline.  Sadly, there are those that will attempt to sabotage your website, causing disruptions you simply don’t need.  We’re going to give you a few tips how to keep your site secure…

Hackers are getting more and more talented and brazen these days, and there are new hacks being developed on a daily basis, but there are ways you can protect yourself against their efforts.  You may well already know much of what we’ve written below, but it never hurts to have a security check-up!

  • Keep your software up to date – WordPress for one are usually very good at bringing out updates to combat new threats, but it’s important that you initiate these updates regularly and when advised to. You can also download a plugin for your WordPress site that will update automatically.
  • Use https – This is more secure than the standard http and it’s something Google have been recommending for some time now. Another good reason to switch to this more secure way is that Google said they will give a boost in ranking to those choosing the more secure route.
  • Choose your password wisely – Using a free password generator is the best way to get a secure password for your CMS (content management system). Gone are the times when you used your date of birth!  If you make your passwords easy, you’re making a hacker’s job easy and you can expect trouble.
  • Let WordPress tell you. In relation to choosing your password, applications like WordPress will actually tell you if they consider your choice of password to be strong enough.  It would be very wise to listen to them!
  • Limit password attempts where possible. WordPress offer this option and it’s a very good idea to have it active on your site.  Basically, if someone tries too many times to access your site, they’ll be locked out and the website administrators will be notified.
  • Check your hosting. It’s not something you necessarily think of when you consider the security of your website, but different hosts offer different levels of security.  It may well be worth paying that little bit extra for better security options.

Remember, those who intend to hack your website may not be doing so for simple malicious reasons.  They may be doing it to put links into other websites.  This will not only mess with the design of your site, but also have a very negative effect on SEO.

At the end of the day, your site needs to be secure.  We hope this brief article helps, and if you’d like more tips and information, keep in touch with the RankBaby Business Club…


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