How useful is “Bounce Rate” to the escort industry?

Bounce rate measures how often people stay on any particular page of your website without doing anything, thus, “bouncing” off your page to go somewhere else…

But just how important is it?  In reality, and contrary to popular belief, your website’s bounce rate isn’t that important to tell the truth.  It’s one of those things that’s going to be changing quite frequently and although you will be able to identify patterns with your analytics, it’s not something that you should trouble yourself with too much; particularly in relation to other more important SEO tools.

Bounce rate and the escort industry

We may as well face it, unless you’re doing something innovatory, escort agency websitesare going to be pretty much the same across the board.  Visitors are there to look at girls.  They will more than likely click to the main gallery page and spend some time there.  This page will be getting a low bounce rate because virtually every visitor to the gallery will interact with it.  Let’s face it, who isn’t tempted to click on a picture of a beautiful young woman?

They will then perhaps click back from the girl they chose and visit another girl page.  This will mean your individual girl pages will have a relatively high bounce rate.  You will perhaps see where we’re going with this?  Escort agency websites do not really require the user to do much at all on their website.  There isn’t a shopping trolley, there aren’t any games or anything like that.  The CTAs (Call to Action) is usually to visit an online booking form or at a push sign up for a newsletter.  The main goal of course is to have them pick up the phone!

Don’t let your bounce rate influence your content

This is very important.  As you analyse the various pages on your website and you identify which of them has a high bounce rate, you may be tempted to alter these pages.  You may also attempt to replicate what you did on the pages that have a low bounce rate. This is a mistake.

Remember we said that a high bounce rate meant that a visitor had been on your page but failed to interact with it?  Well, this doesn’t mean that they didn’t read it, or even use it.  The success of so many websites these days depends on quality content; even the escort industry.  So measuring a webpage’s success by its bounce rate will not tell you if it’s useful or not.

A visitor may return to your website another time if they have taken something away from what they read.  Quality content is proven to be remembered by your website visitors, and if you can incorporate that with some good SEO techniques, your content could really work for you.

When to be concerned

We have already identified one page that should have a low bounce rate – the gallery.  If you’re getting a high bounce rate from your gallery page, where you display all your available escorts, then you may not be presenting the page as well as you could.  This could have something to do with the appearance of your website, the images, or perhaps not least importantly, ensuring everything your visitor needs to see is “above the fold” (namely everything that appears on the screen before you have to scroll).

Remember that your website isn’t just a tool to manipulate search engines into giving you a good rank, it has to look good too!


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