How to use internal links on your escort website

Internal links are part and parcel of all websites. They serve a number of important purposes, and we’re going to show you what they are and how to use them to their maximum potential…

Basically speaking an internal link is a link from one page of your site to another. You’re running an escort website, so the most startlingly obvious internal links you’re going to need are those directing your visitors to your girls and their profiles, or perhaps to an online booking form that displays your contact details.

Make it easy for the crawlers with internal linking

Everyone needs good content on their website. Without going into too much unnecessary detail in this article, your content tells Google what your website is about. This is the reason you place articles on your website that pertain to the world of escorting. Google search your site using their “Google bots” or “crawlers”. They read your pages and index them, in relation to all other websites.

Internal linking can help these crawlers index your site more efficiently by guiding them to other pages on your site. When the crawlers reach a link in your page, they will automatically read it and follow it. The more you link to other pages that further explain what your site is about and how much of an authority it is on escorting, the more pages will get indexed; thus your website will be ranked better.

Anchor text and internal linking

You’ve all no doubt tried to rank better for specific keywords and phrases in the search engines. The escorting business is very competitive in this respect. Whilst you may be trying to target those lesser searched phrases to pick up those prospective clients, you might want to use your phrase as an anchor on your page to link to another. Internal links on your targeted phrases will further assist the crawlers in indexing your site and you will rank higher for that particular phrase.

For example, if you are targeting “fetish escorts London,” you might want to make that phrase the link to a piece of content on your site pertaining to fetish escorts, or even your gallery of this particular type; it will help to have your gallery text in order for when the crawlers arrive at this page.

Get your visitors where you want them

It’s nice to have a great piece of content on your escort website. An interesting article, or perhaps a story of some sort that will engage your reader is very good for indexing your site and getting ranked, but it’s also good to get your visitors where you want them. For example, if you want more bookings for a particular type of escort, you could write a nice piece of content with that theme in mind and place internal links in your content directing your visitor to a specific gallery.

So don’t neglect your internal links, but make sure you use them wisely and correctly. The best type of internal links are those that don’t appear too contrived. If the text reads naturally it the link will be far more effective.

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