How important is user experience in ranking your escort website?

Some would have you believe that user experience is the be all and end all of everything when it comes to successfully running a website.  The truth is there’s a whole lot more to consider…

We don’t deny that user experience is important.  It really goes without saying.  If the user doesn’t have a good experience on your website, they’re not always likely to book an escort.  However, we must mention at this point that their sole purpose on our website is to find a girl!  In this case, we could argue that user experience isn’t as important for an escort website as it is for another more mainstream website.

Other things to consider

If it’s down to ranking then there is so much more to success than creating good content, being an influencing presence on social networks, being recognised as an authority in your area and perhaps developing a good reputation; all of which come under the blanket of good user experience.  Developing a good “relationship,” so to speak, with the search engines is just as important.

Careful and precise keyword selection

Gone are the times where you may be ranked high for dousing your content with keywords of course, but there is still an awful lot of power granted to them.  It’s different now however, and you need to do your homework.

SEO experts target the right keywords and phrases, choosing those that will work best in relation to individual webpages.  It’s not a case of simply picking a small set of keywords anymore either.  Variations of keywords and synonyms for example are now very important.  If you’re planning on using PPC services, it’s also important to choose the right keywords that won’t cost you a fortune and yield limited results.  True SEO professionals dedicate quite a lot of time to keyword research.

Enabling crawlers

Your content might be great, and your marketing strategy might very well be making you popular, but can the crawlers index all the pages you want them to and can they do it quickly and efficiently enough?  If you have any indexing problems on your website, or your website is not communicating with your server efficiently enough, you could well be ranked lower because of it.  Again, this takes a little time, but it’s well worth checking.

Analytics and technical data

You can get all the information you need about any issues, and data regarding speed and efficiency from your Google Analytics.  This is particularly important considering that Google can change their algorithms at will in order to optimise their service.  This has been made very clear with the whole Panda-Penguin changes.  Many websites were affected by this, but without the correct use of analytical data, they found it hard to recover simply because they didn’t look into how their website’s performance changed.

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