How escorts websites can use offline SEO strategies

There are so many ways in which your escort site can utilise offline SEO techniques, but it’s important that you maintain a diverse strategy…

By diverse we mean using as many offline resources as you can.  In this article we’ll go some way to explain what these offline techniques are and how they can be used to build an effective strategy for escort sites.

What are offline SEO techniques?

Offline marketing means anything you do away from your website in order to market it.

  • Backlinks – Getting links to your website from others is a great way to generate more traffic and improve your SEO once Google notices that others are linking to you. However, please be sure to get quality backlinks.
  • Social media – This will already be quite obvious to many of you in the escorting industry. Twitter is particularly effective in your business because you can updated followers in real time, informing them which of your girls is available at any given time.
  • YouTube – it’s an effective enough offline technique, but you have to be careful about the content you post on here.
  • Instagram and related websites – photo sharing websites are still relatively new to the escort industry surprisingly enough. However, it’s a relatively simple process that can now be synchronised with other social networking tools like Hootsuite.  A tasteful photo or two of your available girls with their details is a brilliant way to get more attention.  It’s also perfect for independent escorts because it adds that “personal touch.”
  • Reviews – In escorting reviews are one of the most important things to consider when it comes to your marketing strategy. Linking to independent escort review sites and encouraging your clients to review the girls there is arguably one of the best offline marketing techniques you could possibly use.  You can also share any reviews you get via your social networks.
  • Directories – Specific escort directories are a great and very easy way to gain more exposure and gain backlinks that can improve your SEO. Most escort directories allow you publish banners to their website for a small cost, but even a simple membership will allow you to post adverts and blogs.  Most quality escort directories have niche categories too, so if you have any specialisms you can post in these.
  • Forums – Forums on escorting are always buzzing with life. If you can contribute to conversation threads on these forums, without attempting to manipulate people into going to your website, you will earn respect for your expertise and you will gain website visitors naturally over time.  However, what is arguably more important about the forums is that they offer you the chance to build relationships with other agencies, clients and the girls themselves.

Remember that it’s all about getting more of the right people to your website, so it’s important to do a little of everything in order to develop a good offline strategy.

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