Have a mobile friendly escort site,don’t make Google believe you have one!

You may have heard about how Google are all about user experience. One way they improve their user’s experience is by making mobile friendly sites rank better…

So this has to be a good reason to ensure your escort website is mobile friendly right? Of course when you have an escort website, it’s not just the fact that Google will rank you better if it’s mobile friendly. A huge percentage of your clients will be accessing your website on their mobile phones. Your clients’ phones are personal and with them at all times, and many of them value their discretion so much that they will only ever use their mobile to access escort websites.

So you see, it makes sense even more sense! You can find out whether or not your site is mobile friendly or not by using Google’s own mobile site test. However, there are websites out there that are attempting to make their sites appear to be mobile friendly, and we wouldn’t really recommend doing this.

Google aren’t stupid!

To begin with, we really must say that Google are not stupid! They’re going to catch on to those websites that make it appear as though they’re mobile sites soon enough. There are a number of webmasters that are forcing users to download an app in order to view their content in order to make their sites appear mobile friendly.

Whether Google will penalise these sites eventually is another story however. But there is little doubt that making your website appear mobile friendly, when it’s actually not, is borderline “black hat” when it comes to SEO. Remember that Google are all about “user experience!”

Doing it properly

Making your escort website mobile friendly is easier than you think. Google even tell you how to do it in their very user friendly guide. Why so many webmasters attempt to trick the search engines when Google make it so easy for them to optimise their websites, continues to be a mystery for us, but then not all of these webmasters look in the most obvious places for help.

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