Getting your content stolen: Good or bad?

Contrary to popular belief, getting your content stolen can actually be a good thing.  However, it’s only good if the person using it does it in the right way!  Sounds strange we know, but we’re going to explain how you can help make sure they do…

To begin with, let’s establish what’s right and wrong in the world of content theft.  As a general rule:

It’s right

  • If the creator of the original content has published that they don’t mind, or they have encouraged you to share e.g. by supplying an embedding code.
  • If the creator of the original content has given you permission following your request.

It’s wrong

  • If you take the content without permission. Simple as that!

You are pretty unlikely to prevent anyone taking your content anyway in reality, but to be fair it doesn’t happen that often these days, since Google have gotten themselves pretty smart when it comes to this and will almost always penalise websites that duplicate content to manipulate and deceive.  Remember, with Google it’s all about the user experience.

Why get it stolen?

  • Increased exposure and reputation. If you have produced a nice piece of original content, then the more people who see it the better.  Your thoughts, opinions and knowledge on the escort industry for example, any specialisms your agency may have, or perhaps the areas in which you operate, could indeed be useful to others.  People may share the content that has been shared, and this will help with building your brand.  Once you get a reputation for publishing useful content, you will become an authority in your area and subsequently highly trusted and respected.
  • Links. It’s common courtesy that when you give someone permission to republish your content, they will in turn link it back to your website.  Getting a link back to your site is a good thing, provided the site that’s linking to you is itself a reputable one (see below).  Getting quality links to your website tells Google that you are more of an authority on your subject, thus ranking you higher.
  • Traffic. It goes without saying that when people republish your content with a link to your site, you will get people to your site who were perhaps unaware of it.  More traffic is always good, particularly if it comes from visitors who are already interested.

Things to be aware of

The benefits are now clear to you.  However, there are two ways in which having someone else use your content can cause harm.  If your content is being shared on what we like to term as a “spammy” website, your SEO credibility could be damaged.  If you’re allowing content to be used, it’s a good idea to keep a track of it by using tools like Copyscape.

Secondly, occasionally the site that shares your content, can actually end up ranking better than you.  We’re afraid this is a chance you have to take sadly.  Google will always give a higher rank to the website that relates closest to the user’s search term.  You can sometimes get around this by requesting that the site using your content places a “noindex meta tag” on the page to prevent search engines crawling the page.

If you have an issue with a website stealing your content without permission you can contact Google directly for assistance.


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