Getting the fundamentals right:Making it easy to find your escort website

This is particularly important in the escort industry, since depending where you are in the world, the competition is fierce indeed.  However, you would be surprised to discover so many sites do not rank well because of less obvious problems…

Before Google can rank your website by crawling your pages, it becomes necessary to ensure that your website isn’t doing anything to hamper the Google bots.  For example, slow page loading times will directly influence your page rank.  There are a number of things you can check yourself, but it is sometimes prudent to employ the services of a professional if you’re short of time and you want to make sure the job is done properly.

Testing your website performance

This has to begin with checking on the relationship between your website and your server.  This is done by what’s called “ping testing”.  A ping test will check the quality and speed of your website’s connection to your server.  If there is a significant delay then this will directly impact the way in which your website is “crawled” by Google.  Pingdom is a great site to use to test this, and it can also enables you to check the status of your DNS (Domain name server(s)).

Google Analytics

For the more advanced user of Google Analytics, it is also possible to check your server response time here.  In fact you can check many things in the “page timings” section of your analytics.  The response time it takes from the SERP (Search engine results page) to your webpage, as well as checking redirect times and much more data pertaining to your site performance.  It’s well worth researching this further.

Google Search Console

By checking the robots.txt Tester in your Google Search Console, you will be able to check your “exclusions”.  These are the pages that may be excluded from the Google bots.  If they can’t read the page, you won’t rank for it!  There are some cases where you need to exclude pages from the search of course, but it’s well worth checking all of them.

Your Google Search Console is an invaluable tool when it comes to ensuring that your site is connecting, and connecting well.  Another tool in this section – Fetch as Googlebot – is also useful to check your page rendering and blocked content.

Further information

There are a number of things we could delve into here, but they are perhaps topics for another article.  At least this gives you an introduction to a different level of optimisation that concentrates on enabling Google to do its work efficiently and effectively.

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