Do you need a “content marketer” or an “SEO expert”?

The answer is both.  Contrary to popular belief, SEO is not dead.  SEO and content marketing have quickly transformed into the perfect package, and indeed the most necessary in order to succeed…

We have commented before about how a diverse mixture of strategies is important in order to make your website perform in the best way possible for your business.  It’s important to dispel these myths about people putting all their efforts into marketing and disregarding their SEO needs however, so here’s how both of these disciplines can work together.

Creating good content

This is one of the pivotal parts of good marketing and SEO, and where the two come together at their strongest.  You can’t market content that’s not useful and you can’t make it useful without doing a little SEO!The best content is that which can’t be found elsewhere, content that is engaging to a reader, and also accessible to search engines.

Finding the right content for escort websites

Finding good content for your website is one of the hardest things to do.  For escort agencies it’s even harder sometimes.  Your website visitors are predominantly men looking at pictures of girls, and then with any luck they’re going to book one.  Not many of them are actually interested in reading your articles to tell the truth, but you can offer information pertaining to the industry, or perhaps the escorts themselves.

Another tactic to produce content for your escort website is to perhaps focus on the areas in which you operate.  This will open the door to new and interesting article ideas and if you get lucky you might just get some of it shared.  Marketing interesting content is easy.

Making your content work for SEO purposes

However, you’re not just posting content to be read by your visitors.  From an SEO expert’s point of view, you’re publishing good content to get indexed and ranked higher on the SERP (search engine results page).  There are several ways in which to do this of course, but we won’t go too far into each one because this is a whole new can of worms for another article.

  • Getting backlinks to your site. Good content will inspire people to link to it.
  • Allows you to utilise keywords. Keywords and phrases are obviously still very important to the success of your content and they enable the Google bots to identify what your content is about in order to index it appropriately.
  • Internal linking. When you can place relevant internal links from good quality content, to other articles or information on your website, you again ease the crawling process for Google and you increase the chance of keeping your visitor on your website and more engaged.
  • Measuring engagement. Once you have good content on your website, your Google Analytics tools can help you identify what SEO adjustments you can make to further optimise it.

Indexing problems?

Another reason why you need SEO expertise and effective content marketing.  It’s no good at all having content that you’ve spent time over, and can market easily to potential visitors easily, if Google struggles to read it.  If your content isn’t being indexed by Google, it may be that there is a problem indexing it, or you may even have a penalty on your website.  Any issues with indexing and penalties will have to be rectified before your content will perform to its full potential.

Get the right team on the job

If you are intending to hire a team, or an individual to take care of your website and promotion, go for those who can do both and make them work together to achieve the best results.  After all, these people are effectively in charge of your business!

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