Can I do my own SEO? Just how easy is it?

In reality it all depends on the level at which you’re committing to the SEO development of your escort website. There is always something you can do to improve your website’s performance, and even the smallest of efforts will always help…

To begin with, we sincerely hope that you’ve taken the time to read some of the articles we have published. It’s our intention to help you do as much of your own SEO as you can, and to help you better understand how it all works. We’re well aware that it can be somewhat daunting to those who don’t fully understand it.


If you’re planning on getting into adult SEO marketing full time and becoming an expert, it’s going to take a while. In our honest opinion, you will need to dedicate a lot of time to it. However, here are a few things you can do for yourself. In the beginning it helps to concentrate on one thing at a time and analyse the results of your actions. When you consider it carefully, this is the only possible way to tell if your efforts are yielding any results at all.

  • Site design. You can always spend a little time on the design of your own website. View it as one of your visitors would. Ensure that you can navigate it easily and it has all the relevant information your visitor is likely to need. Also, not least important, make sure it looks nice!
  • Get your tags and metatags in order. Again, a bite sized piece of SEO that you can do successfully if you have access to your CMS (which you should have!)
  • Your sitemap. Your sitemap is very important and may need to be updated when you add content etc.
  • Add content. Arguably one of the most important things. This helps Google identify what your website is about and if you add content regularly, they will come back to index your pages more frequently.

You will find articles pertaining to these points on our website, including a glossary of useful terms if you’re struggling to understand some of the terminology.


This is what’s arguably one of the most time consuming tasks. A good SEO professional will always track the progress of a website. They will need to know where traffic is coming from, they’ll need to analyse the competition, and check for errors. This is the only possible way to improve your escort website’s performance. As well as improving your rank, if you or the person you have hired isn’t keeping a close eye on things, you can quickly lose Google ranks and sometimes find it hard to recover.

Thinking of hiring a professional?

If you’re thinking about hiring a professional to do your SEO for you, please ensure you don’t fall for any “quick fixes” Those who claim to be able to get your escort website ranking on page one for a certain amount of money, in a certain amount of time, should be avoided. There’s no possible way to guarantee a position in your Google rank in reality, since it depends so much on your competition too. You will usually have to begin with a full website audit in order for the person you’re hiring to identify just what improvements need to made.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. And don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates and free tips…


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