Blogging for your escort website

It’s the age of the “blogger” isn’t it? Everyone seems to be blogging about everything these days, and it’s very popular indeed. We’re going to show you how blogging can improve your escort website…

Every escort agency should have a blog, even if they don’t have much to say. It’s there for when you do! A blog can be useful in so many ways, not least importantly to improve Google’s fabled “User Experience.” Everything Google does is driven by the motive to make their users life easier. If you can contribute to that then Google will like you a lot and rank you higher.

Search terms

Blogging is an excellent way to get more pages onto your site and to rank for more search terms. After all, the more pages you have, the more search terms you can target right? Using Google’s keyword planner is a great tool to have in your blogging toolbox, and it will go a long way to helping you maintain your blog’s authority in the escort industry. Providing of course that you post something interesting!

Can you provide something that’s interesting?

Blogging for the mere sake of blogging, whilst contributing to the content on your site, getting keywords in to enable Google to index you and linking so that they index more pages, is all very good. However, arguably the most valuable form of blog content is that which helps somebody answer a question, solve a problem, or give some good advice and suggestions. If you can write content like this, it’s likely to get shared.

Shared content is what we’re all looking for these days. If you can get your article shared and people rate what you’re telling them as interesting and useful, you will get greater recognition from Google. You will be one of their favourites because you’re contributing to the whole “User Experience” thing we mentioned earlier.

Good content

Good content doesn’t just have to be written however. Pictures and videos get a massive amount of attention online these days. They are a huge influence over whether someone clicks a link or not. Take your escort website for example. Many of you will have Twitter accounts etc. When you post a link to an available girl on Twitter without a picture of her, how often does that get clicked? Not often we know. Now put a picture of her on there and watch the clicks come in.

This is just an example of how powerful an image can be. When you’re in the business of escorts, it’s a good idea to post links to your blogs on social networks (where they allow and depending on your content). But post them with a picture, perhaps inviting them to click the link to see more pictures.

You might think that this isn’t getting any quality textual content in your blog post, but you can always add some text among the pictures. In this text you can still place internal links to guide crawlers around your website. And remember that if you content is good, it might just get shared.

Escort website content is notoriously difficult to get shared

It is, we know this too. But if you continue to post good content you stand a better chance of someone sharing it than if you post bad content. Besides, remember that it’s not just potential clients that will be reading your posts. There may be other agencies, directories and other industry professionals that might want to share your content.

User Experience

There we go again with that phrase. But remember that this is what it’s all about. Google will know how many people are clicking onto your blog posts, how long they’re staying and where they’re going to after that. All of this data allows them to position you accordingly in their results page. If you’re posting mostly nothing of any interest at all, they won’t bother with you.

Keep it simple and keep it useful. Those are arguably the two best pieces of advice to follow when it comes to updating your blog. As long as you do it often enough to keep the crawlers interested, it should work well for you.

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