Become an authority and rank better with long form content

Many people have argued that short and sweet is the key to successful web content these days. Give someone what they need and that’s it. However, there are times when long form content can be very useful indeed…

What is it?

Long form content is generally written content that’s over around 2000 words or so. The jury is still out on it to be perfectly honest, but suffice to say that a standard 300-500 word article on your blog, doesn’t constitute long form. For SEO purposes, it’s used on websites to generate a greater interest to the search engines, to link your pages and to prompt others to link to it.

Engaging your visitor and getting your content shared is the ideal scenario. However, getting content shared from an escort website is harder than most. Most people go to your site to book a girl. They go to the gallery, choose and call you (wish any luck!) However, that doesn’t mean that long form content won’t work for you to get you ranked higher. Recent surveys have reported that keyword search terms have ranked higher with long form content. And that’s whether it gets shared or not!

Getting your links in

It goes without saying that with more text on your site, you’re going to have a greater opportunity to link to other pages. If you do your linking correctly here, using the right anchor text and so on, you should be able to make your long form content work really well for you. Making it sound as natural as possible, using good anchor text in your content is an

Those links to your other pages aren’t simply about getting your visitors to book an escort or read about your special offers etc. They also make Google’s job a lot easier, thus ranking you better. If the crawlers come along and find lots of content that’s relevant and points to other pages that follow the same lines, it makes it much easier for them to index you. Also because the crawlers will follow the links you put in your text, it means they will index those pages too.

More backlinks to long form content

Long form content is proven to get more backlinks. This is more than likely because there’s more information on the page they’re linking to and it’s pretty comprehensive. Other websites will often link to content on another site that will help them explain something, or perhaps compliment their own services etc. Getting your escort website valuable backlinks can be a pain sometimes, so you really do have to do all you can to maximise your opportunities.

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